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This is what we have all really been waiting for... great food for the littles in our lives. And don't think you need a little human to enjoy this!

This box will be curated weekly to fill your child up with fruit, veggies, a snack, lunch/dinner options, a veggie dip, and sometimes a special treat.

This week's box will include roughly 8-18 meals depending on if you are feeding a two-year-old or ten year old. And if you do have a child on the older age of the spectrum, this kit should make it simple for them to make their own lunches!

This box is in its "testing" phase so please bear with us as we refine packaging, define exactly what it is, how much it will cost, etc. Your feedback is really important so please make sure to share what you love and what you think could be improved. 

Order now for delivery TUESDAY, Aug 28th!