About our boxes.

What do I do if I’m missing something from my order?

Please email us by clicking here.


Do you make substitutions in your boxes?

Unfortunately we do not offer customization of boxes.  We try and offer enough variety if you have special dietary needs like dairy, gluten or grain free, but we do not make any changes.


How many people do the boxes feed?

That really depends on appetites, but typically each meal feeds a family of 3-4.  If you have just two people in your home, you will have extra of items to either freeze and use later or to use for breakfast/lunches. If you order a small box, expect 3 dinners, and 4 dinners always come in the large boxes.


Will a regular box be enough if we have big mouths to feed {aka teenagers}?

This is something we know can be an issue so we typically suggest that you select the Large and protein add-ons or order two boxes. Then you will be sure to have a fridge full of food to keep your family happy.


Does this work if I'm single?

Definitely. If you are single, many people opt for a small box every other week, or they pick a friend to share with.


Does your box include pantry items?

At times we do include pantry items, but normally we list items that you will likely have in your own pantry like olive oil, soy sauce, honey, breadcrumbs, flour, stock, or seasonings. Check out our blog posts on stocking your pantry with spices and staples.


Is there a way to find out what the proteins are going to be in the box?

Every week we post the key box ingredients in our weekly newsletter.  If you have not joined our newsletter yet, just send us a text or email and we will let you know.


After I place an order, when can i expect my first delivery or pickup?

All orders are due before midnight on Wednesday for delivery on the following Tuesday. Deliveries typically arrive between noon and 7pm.


Where do you deliver too?

Check out our Delivery Info page.


When I get a refund, do you credit my AF+K account or my credit card?

The refund goes back on to the card that the order was placed with.  Sometimes this takes a few days, but please let us know if you do not see it come thru.


How do you ensure that cold things stay cold on warm days?

We use thermal pouches and ice packs to keep things cool on warm days. You can return those items by leaving them out for our drivers on days that you are expecting a delivery. This helps us cut down on wasteful packaging. 


About our food.

What do you consider "local"?

We work with farmers, ranchers and artisans from the entire state of Washington. We are always on a mission to find amazing producers and introduce you to their wonderful food.


Is everything offered on your website Certified Organic?

Almost all of our produce is USDA Certified Organic.  We also offer milk, cheese, grains, fruit and meat that are also certified organic, however the bottom line for all our products is that they must be produced in a sustainable and sensitive way, but they are not required to be certified.  We know our farmers, and we know where and how your food is being produced.  


Is your produce 100% locally sourced?

We source primarily from small and mid-sized regional farmers 12 months a year, but will supplement boxes Feb-May from a farmer owned organic cooperative that sources primarily from Washington, Oregon and California.


Where do you get your produce during the winter?

We source primarily from small and mid-sized regional farmers 12 months a year, but will supplement boxes Feb-May from a farmer owned organic cooperative that sources primarily from Washington, Oregon and California.


About our business.

Why did you start AF+K?

The number one reason we started AF+K was because we wanted to know where and how our food was produced. We also wanted someone to make it simple to buy high quality clean food AND support local producers.


What did you do before you opened AF+K?

We are both architects.


Where are you located?

Check out our “Contact Us” page.


Do you have a storefront? If so what are your hours?

No, but our headquarters is open from Mon-Fri from 9 to 5.


Do you offer tours of your warehouse?

Occasionally we host events in our warehouse, and will definitely let you know when those will happen.


Do you have some association with the town of ACME?

We started in the little town of Acme, WA but moved into Bellingham in 2013.


What is your phone number?

360 325 1903


What is the best way to contact a manager?



What is the best way to contact the owners?



Can I buy a AF+K box or bag?

We will be selling AF+K “swag” soon online. Stay tuned.


Do you have a membership fee?